Unknown Object Photographed over Florida

Florida-11-05-08-Today, 05-Nov-2008 at 11:22 am EST, while shooting pictures for a school project at the beach off of Seabreeze Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, I noticed north of where I was standing at Lat 26°6'44"N and Lon 80°6'15"W, at between 10° to 20° altitude, a round, brilliant, gold and white ball moving on an apparently south-east direction and holding its altitude.

I trained my camera at the moving element and zoomed in as much as I could with the normal lens I had on the camera at the time, following the element's south-east path. In total, I took twenty-two (22) pictures of the UFO's sighting, sequentially numbered from _MG_1669.JPG (@11:22:04 am) through _MG_1690.JPG (@ 11:23:09 am).

This was no weather balloon, especially as evidenced in files _MG_1686.JPG (@11:23:00 am) and _MG_1687.JPG (@ 11:23:03 am). _MG_1686.JPG shows the element still flying at a steady speed, after which it disappeared totally; it went 100% invisible, right before my camera eye, as shown on file _MG_1687.JPG.

Today's flying ball looked in some aspects very much like one I photographed from the same location on 15-Sep-2008 and later on reported to several UFO-information-gathering web sites, including MUFON. During that first sighting on 15-Sep-2008 I was shooting with a different camera that allowed a better close up of the brilliant flying ball, while capturing two more orange-with-transparency flying balls.

Soon after today's sighting, more precisely at 12:06 pm, I contacted Héctor Trujillo, MUFON's field investigator in the area, from my cell phone and told him what happened. I told Héctor I would copy for him all the picture files, untouched, straight from my camera's memory card onto a CD, which I already did.

I am uploading with this report to this website three of the 22 pictures mentioned above. The first one (# _MG_1669.JPG) shows the general location of today's flying ball with relationship to the beach, sky and buildings in the area. The second (# _MG_1675.JPG) and third (# _MG_1683.JPG) pictures are blowups or magnifications of the better of the remaining files, showing the flying ball. Bear in mind I didn't have a telephoto lens on my camera; I was shooting with a wide-to-normal lens (18mm - 55mm).


MUFON Submitter 13546

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