UFO Footage from Peru, Taken 11-01-08

Dear friends,
Kind greetings from every member of Proyecto UFO Piura Extraterrestrial Contact Team in Piura, PERU.
Here is our latest UFO video on YOUTUBE. The footage shows some images from our recent camp on November 1, 2008.
We invite you to see it and enjoy it.
While we were walking on our way to our usual camping spot-desert between Piura and Paita-we suddenly noticed TWO STRANGE LIGHT OBJECTS in the afternoon sunset sky. Then when the UFOs seemed to get closer to the camera, we could catch them, especially the larger one.
We thank you very much for your kind attention!!!
Prof. Josué Gonzáles
Proyecto UFO - Piura - Perú
Telef.: 073 - 394661

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