Unknown Objsect over Texas

Texas-10-30-08-We were actually setup for taking pictures of these, since they have been happening almost every night for the past week.

We saw many strange lights moving at incredible speeds through he sky. None of them made a sound, and as you will see from the pics, some are the same as the Stephenville UFO, and some new interesting shapes, etc.

At first we were a little freaked out, because we knew that these were not planes, they are easily identified and clearly unmistakable.

They moved very quickly and erratic. Jumping miles at a time across the sky, sometimes they would stop, then move at a high rate of speed, and even split into multiple objects.

The pictures were taken with a Nikon 30d at 1600 ISO raw image format with a f/4-5.6 70x300mm image stabilizing telephoto lens.

I took over 200 photos, but this is the range I felt best represented what we saw.


MUFON Submitter 13391

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