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This is a recreation based on Lonnie Zamora's experience in Socorro, New Mexico.

An artifact supposedly from the Roswell crash, kept secret by Air Force.

Egyptian Inscriptions reportedly found at the Temple of ABYDIOS, Larger image clearly shows an airplane and helicopter.

This beam is reported to be from the Roswell crash. It was first seen as part of the Ray Santilli purchased film.

This is supposedly a 4000 year old stone dish found in Nepal. See larger image to view alien.

Supposedly this image was revealed to an abductee.

a man named "Nathan" claims to be able to write and read this alien language.

These figures were revealed to the mind of "Jessy," supposedly from an alien intelligence.

"Lynn," who lives in Arizona claims to have been shown this 3-D holographic view of space.

Revealed via astral projection.

Revealed to Michelle in a dream

Revealed to Michelle in a dream

Revealed via astral projection.

Revealed via astral projection.

Revealed via astral projection.

This drawing was given to Mortician Glen Dennis by a nurse friend. She claims to have been in an alien autopsy at Roswell

More script revealed through astral projection.

"Michelle" claims to have been given this image in a dream.

"Diana" claims to be able to write an alien language. She began as a child writing on rocks.

More images supposedly revealed by an alien intelligence.

This appears to be a sculpture of an alien being of some kind.

Cemetery in Aurora, Texas where an alien pilot was buried after its UFO crashed.

A man in Minnesota was given this starlist, but cannot, so far interpret it.

This image was seen hovering on the ceiling.

Debris supposedly from the Roswell crash.

These glyphics were taken from the Roswell I-beam.

Supposedly a metal fragment from the Roswell crash.

A recreation of the map Betty Hill drew in regressive hypnosis.

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